Here’s the best raw food in Bangkok: Glow at the Metropolitan Bangkok


    When it comes to raw food, the Metropolitan Bangkok could almost make us forget about the wonderful Nahm restaurant. Glow, that’s its name, provides us with a great raw food, but not only: it’s 100% healthy, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes notand always amazing; Thank God we have COMO Shambhala, an hotel group which already amazed us in Bali.

    What’s raw food anyway? it’s in the name itself. The less cooked you eat, the better. It preserves the power of everything you eat. That’s why GLOW is so great: you get to keep all the taste, plus the benefits.

    See? wonderful. You can trust Chef Chris Miller for thathe spent several years at Como Shambhala Estate in Bali, which is kind of a well-being temple for us.

    Healthy cuisineat Glow Restaurant: what’s in it for you?

    100% of the menu is organic, meaning it also includes meat and fish. Don’t get me wrong: we love raw food, but a great piece of beef can turn us on, too. And Glow turns it into something we lovefair, no bullshit, no poison, no nothingand above all, taste.

    The thing is, you won’t be hungry when you go out of the Metropolitan Bangkok. You’ll have had a nice Green Clean juice (cucumber, spinach and stuff), some super-stuff to boost your metabolism, and in the end, you’ll feel good about yourself, without any feeling of punishment.

    It’s good. It’s all-so-tasty. It’s tasty AND wonderful.

    So get yourself a great Glow-burger, some raw-food to go with it, and enjoy the pleasure of both healthy, ethical and tasty.

    You’ll love it we promise. We miss it already.


    Here are raw lasagnas:

    Glow-restaurant-Bangkok-Hotel-Metropolitan-raw-food-Silencio-lasagnes 01

    And a pepper-based salad: spicy, but not only

    Glow-restaurant-Bangkok-Hotel-Metropolitan-raw-food-Silencio-salad 01

    So you think desserts could be boring? Mouaha ! Forget that. It’s wonderful and full of savours. Here’s a preview:

    Glow-restaurant-Bangkok-Hotel-Metropolitan-raw-food-Silencio-dessert 02

    Menus start at 790 baths.

    Glow Restaurant, at aMetropolitan Bangkok

    27, Sathon Tai Rd., Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

    Open every day, brunch on Sundays