Organic Brunch at the Hotel de Sers in Paris

Who and what?

The Hôtel de Sers, 5 stars on the clock for this superb establishment in the Besse Signature collection. An old, individual hotel in which, as we pass through, we admire the portrait gallery which leads to the S Bar and to the restaurant. A surprise: an intimate terrace, green and calm, where brunch is taken on fine days. In winter, it has a glass roof – one can thus enjoy the cuisine of the chef Christophe Hay whatever the season. And, speaking of seasons is very apposite: the chef is very keen on organic produce and his specially selected network of producers.

So brunch at the Hôtel de Sers is organic, in a charming 5 star way. The customers are loyal and varied (families, friends, couples) and the service is extremely attentive. And what of their table?

What’s on offer

The brunch at the Hôtel de Sers is made up of several buffets. Seasonal organic produce is an essential component, the selection of vegetables and fruits available in salads or individually changes regularly. And the flavors – beyond compare, from tomatoes, to beetroot, to salads of rice or quinoa, or tiny pasta shapes, served with hot side dishes, such as monkfish risotto, potatoes dauphine with beef cheeks (Aubrac rib-eye steak), penne with pesto, eggs Benedict (plain, with spinach, with bacon) or scrambled. The cold buffet is not to be outdone: tomatoes and Mozzarella, smoked salmon, oysters, Caesar salad, a selection of white meats and charcuterie, not large but exceptionally tasty, appetizers of crab-claw with guacamole and prawns with guacamole (The avocado… **sigh**).

And an attractive cheeseboard as well.

We go for the walnut bread (which tastes almost like a dessert) or the two-olive bread; lovers of pastries are not forgotten either and can complete their breakfast with a selection of cereals, toast, brioche, French toast, crêpes and chef-cooked waffles, spreads and organic preserves.

Our little sin? The desserts.

And out of respect for the efforts of the chef: don’t load the pastries with too much spread, but rather focus on the garnishes: stunning lemon curd, mixed fruits, melon, panna cotta using tapioca, domes of chocolate mousse, caramel, vanilla, a mini chocolate fondant, still part-melted, home-made brownies, fluted cannelé pastries, fresh pineapple crumble, crème brûlée …

On the drinks side, these are unlimited for coffee, tea, chocolate and fruit juice. We liked the “coffee addict size” cups, so big you don’t have to order coffee every 15 minutes and. As for fruit juices, there are two options: fresh orange and grapefruit or bottled organic fruit and vegetable juices (even beetroot!). All of that is included in the price.

Now who wants an organic brunch in a 5 star hotel patio close to the Champs-Elysées?

Price: 57€

SALE! Book your table online and get -20%  (45,6€ instead of 57€)

Sunday Brunch from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm (try to book in advance)

Hôtel de Sers

41, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie 75008 Paris

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