Brunch at La Bauhinia, Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Should you brunch at Shangri-La Paris? Yes!

Picture the brunch of your dreams, from a gastronomic lunch to the wonderful setting of Shangri-La Hotel Paris. 

Now let’s talk business pleasure.  A hybrid brunch comprising several buffets (starters, breads, pastries, makis, fine cheeses and cold meats, desserts) and a choice of two main dishes served to table. On the drinks side, the price includes freshly squeezed fruit juices, coffee and tea.

The “French-Asian” Brunch is an unusual brunch theme for Paris.

Well-anchored in the tradition of the Shangri-La brand, this top Parisian hotel allows itself the luxury of Thai and Indonesian cuisines reminiscent of wonderful journeys.


In the heart of the Paris Shangri La, in the Bauhinia restaurant, sumptuous buffets await you.

Exotic salads, Royale de Foie Gras (a crème brûlée made with foie gras), wasabi mousse and sliced French cold meats: one doesn’t know where to look. And nothing to stop you from starting at the breakfast section, with pastries, various breads and cakes.


But, where the Shangri-La Paris brunch stands out is that it includes two à la carte dishes … which come straight from kitchens awarded a Michelin star!

We hesitated over a Pad Thai but ordered a dish of Berlada sole (now, that’s luxury) and a spicy Indonesian specialty, although the Black Angus beef was making eyes at us.

Next came a sumptuous platter of French cheeses. Not forgetting the fresh bread to go with it!

Brunch-Shangri-La-Paris-Silencio-fromages-01 Brunch-Shangri-La-Paris-Silencio-pain

Our favorite from the brunch was without question the dessert buffet, created by the chef, François Perret: a Parisian Flan, chocolate mousse, various tarts, rum baba, fluted cannelé pastries and fruit salads, together with regional tarts and a legendary rice pudding.



The brunch at the Paris Shangri La is one of our favorite brunches, out of all the luxury hotels in the capital. So, when are you going?

Plus, it does it on Saturday lunchtime too. Will you have a glass of Champagne to celebrate that?


92€ per person, (kids under 12: 38€)


Hôtel Shangri-La

10, avenue d’Iéna 75116 Paris

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