Because the Hotel Mac Mahon has mirrors on the ceilings.

In the rooms, of course, but not only (reach out for the bar). Charming with an Empire style and contemporary design,freshly reopened Hotel Champs-Elysees Mac Mahon is ideally located near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. Here are some good reasons to rush to this luxury hotel. During this visit you will meet: mirrors above the bed, an empire-style fusioning with a more rock’n’roll touch, a rhino in the lobby, bright stairs and Iphone docks. Have we mentioned the beams in the biggest suite? They’re original Eiffel.

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris chambre executive miroir au plafond

1) It doesn’t matter if, just like us, you have to go to Wikipedia to find out who the hell can Mac Mahon be. Just remember the perfect location of this avenue.

We did the research but that is not the point. The most important thing is the location at the beginning of the Avenue MacMahon: from most of the rooms (or the webcams you’ll find in the hotel), you will get an amazing view on the Arc de Triomphe.

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris escaliers

2) Rooms and suites are both bold and beautiful

Six categories of rooms and suites whose identity can be felt from the corridors. We expected a renovation somewhat too classical, our bad, we were mistaken.Mac Mahon Champs Elysees is bold, plays on the chiaroscuro, the meeting of 21st century design and old fashion Empire style (Napoleon in a revisited way if you prefer). A backless chair, mirrors on the ceiling in many rooms (dared and succeeded!), small balconies that let you see the Arc de Triomphe (except for the rooms on the courtyard side)

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris couloir

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris junior suite fauteuil et lit

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris reception

In each and every room you will find a fresco playing on classical Empire representations in a contemporary and offbeat way.

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris chambre executive

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris hall

3) Japanese toilets on the program

So far you could only find them at the Plaza Athenee Paris. Now you’ll be able to warm your buttocks and other amusements on these ultra modern toilets. Do not panic, there is a manual in the toilet, you can not miss it: Rodin’s Thinker is drawn above.

4) Lanvin products for the toiletries, Michel & Augustin for delicious snacks on the arrival.

And a Nespresso machine to accompany it all!

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris produits sdb lanvin

5) Free Wifi

No comments here: that’s perfect ( some luxury hotels have not understood that yet, though)

6) The MacMahon has a winning team

Namely an experienced General Manager, Christophe Falaise, who worked for hotels Maurice Hurand (Bourgogne et Montana …).And an interior designer recognized Alexandre Danan – to whom we must include the refined work of the Best Western Diamond Opera. The materials are of extreme quality and the attention to details really impressive.

7) The Suite Imperiale is a jewel

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris suite imperiale

It is not the largest suite you can find in Paris, true. Rooms and suites sizes vary from 14m2 to 40m2.  But it is very well done and you do not feel limited in your movements. Add to that the Eiffel beams, a jacuzzi and an amazing King Size Bed with a plasma screen: it’s going to be a smooth night.

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris suite imperiale sdb baignoire et sauna

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris suite imperiale salon

8) We spotted a rhinoceros in the hotel bar

No worries, this is not the only advantage of this bar / restaurant open to the public, since the bartender chief is none other than Julien Giraud (Shangri-La Hotel, Berkeley), and yes we say that the coffee served is not always caffeinated (add some liquor, be fabulous!).

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris rhinoceros

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris suite miroir au plafond Hotel Mac Mahon Paris rideaux

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris junior suite balcon

Verdict Sex & the City

Great result for the reopening – bravo!

Hotel Mac Mahon Paris chambre superieure

Practical information

Hôtel Champs Elysees Mac Mahon (site web)

From 650€ less online. Breakfast from 10€ to 25€.

3, avenue Mac Mahon

75017 Paris – France

Tel : +33 1 43 80 23 00

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