Sunday Brunch at Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris

Who and what?

The elegant brunch at the oh so refined Hôtel Pershing Hall, one of our favorite 5-star hotels in Paris. It really is difficult to compete with the setting of the Pershing: a living wall and an internal courtyard open to a perfectly blue sky at the time of our visit, a magnificently decorated annex room, assured, calm fluidity, despite the number of covers served during Sunday brunch, plus an open period (11:30 to 4:30) allowing guests to take full advantage of the magnificent buffets available to them. Calm and chic, then, a combination rarely found elsewhere! Why go there? For delicacies of all kinds, 5 star service and an unforgettable location. Add to the picture a quality playlist which knows how to be unobtrusive – and surrender…

What’s on offer

A brunch which combines western cuisine (pastries, excellent breads,  a very wide range of hot and cold buffets) and world influences , with fresh sushi, sweet and savory combinations and stunning fruit juices – we couldn’t recommend the mango juice to you too highly.

We move in with a delicate Caesar salad (dressings separate, good move), little shots and appetizers (cucumber water and salmon tartare, avocado/crabmeat), chef-cooked tabbouleh and wonderfully fresh raw salmon steaks with a flavor that made us lose our hankering for classic smoked salmon. Like some cheese? There’s that, too. We continued with chef-cooked omelet cooked to order as you like it, at its own stand. An assortment of ingredients, a member of staff who cooks your eggs before your eyes and served with a granary roll which goes perfectly with it all… helped down nicely with mango juice and coffee (the brunch includes unlimited hot drinks and one fresh fruit juice per person).

What to choose next?  Defeated by the large savory dishes on other (caramelized chicken, various meats and other delicacies), we attack the sweet buffet. Hard to decide – even if we’re not into pastries, you might be: lust after the pains au chocolat and croissants sitting next to an absolutely delicious  chocolate cake, and some pancakes not far away… For us, it was time to indulge ourselves with the mango panna cottas (our current favorite fruit), an airy lemon mousse and some little tarts, competing with the neighboring chocolate gâteaux. Arrgh! No more room: what a pity, the mousse looks sublime and we’d love a muffin or a pistachio cream. Like something lighter? A basket of fresh fruit and some salads should appease your conscience … but is that really why we’re there?

Our opinion

Go for it! For our part, we’re thinking of having two stomachs grafted on. You could spend hours here, as much for the setting and the ambiance as for the pleasure of trying everything ..

Brunch: 59€ per adult


Hôtel Pershing Hall*****

Sunday Brunch from 11.30 am to 4.30 pm

49, rue Pierre Charron

75008 Paris

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