Having tea at La Bauhinia, one of the restaurants of the magnificent Shangri-La Hotel Paris, is a true promise of peace and tranquility. If lunch and dinner are the main occupations of this restaurant, you’ll also find a tearoom there and at the Bar, offering variations of a wide tea selection from Japan, India, China and even Africa. Pastries are created by talented Pastry Chef Francois Perret. If you are more of an adept of London tea times, there you go! Choose one of the full tea-time formula and indulge yourself with mini-pastries, scones and other salty and sweet addictions you may have… or discover.


Who and what?

How to fully describe the atmosphere of the Bauhinia? An Eiffel structure perhaps, a dome through which comes the outside light, two levels of tables in a round-shaped restaurant room, pastel colors on the walls, Asian furnitures and a piano – enjoying live and discreet music at tea-time is a pleasure you can’t find everywhere.

The exquisite delights of La Bauhinia

We choose a smoked black tea, the Lapsang Souchong,  and its elaborated taste- you can also give a try to the “Blue Tea”, the Wulong Ben Shan Gao Shan whose description actually arouses curiosity: “semi-fermented tea (formose), fragrance chestnut. Low in caffeine and relaxing, it develops a superb long finish and is also known for its digestive qualities. ” But enough with digestive considerations: it is time to enjoy the delicacies. You can either choose a tea and a cake individually (allow € 20/22), or opt for the Tea Time formula at 35 € including one drink and a selection of mini pastries, scones and savory creations.




Pastries change every week – even though cupcakes, the marbre chocolate-vanilla and the pomelo cheesecake are the stars of the place. We first “attack” the bottom shelf: savory sandwiches and toasts around Serrano ham, cucumber and fresh touch base foie gras. Let’s continue with the sweet part: pink pomelo cheesecake, an original cupcake , tart and tiramisu financiers,while passes nearby a revisited floating island that rocks the most reluctant to serve. Scones come with a mixture of cream that evokes a whipped cream way better than the infamous better we were served elsewhere.

Beating of cilia and sleight of hand: Francois Perret


“Pastry Chef”, one of those expressions both so right and so limited, in fact – there is an artist in this man. Francois Perret is a Pastry Chef of course, with all the responsibilities and skills that imply working in a palace. Slightly less than twenty people in the kitchen (pastry only) for a service at the limit of “sur-mesure”: at tea time, brunch, for the two-starred restaurant L’Abeille, events, room service …

One can imagine Francois Perret in his “lab” creating, developing, testing and practicing with passion what will be our (your) culinary tour during a visit to Shangri-La: he is particularly fond of cupcakes and seems to have sesame under his skin. We had already spotted the Black Sesame Cupcake with Caramel (slightly sweet in taste but very fragrant) on a previous visit.

The mark of the greatest ? Devouring everything with eyes wide open and senses in alert, but while keeping the permanent desire to challenge his creativity, you know, just to see.


Go ahead in total confidence. We’ll be back – for the tea-time as for brunch.


Full Tea-time at € 35, available with champagne

Individual pastries: + / -12 €

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

10 Avenue d’lena 75116 Paris



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