W Opera Paris bar

Let’s get rid of all the keywords  you are going to read everywhere – though they will be true: W Hotels Worldwide brand was born in New York in 1998. W is electrical, fashion, design, avant-garde, it plays on a fusion of Paris and NYC energy through the “Spark”, a lighting system that goes everywhere through the hotel and changes colors throughout the day. W Paris Opera, soon to be a 5 star hotel, is already shaking Paris, making the city sweat through explosive parties and recurrent happenings.  Add to that a Michelin-starred tattooed Chef from Spain, Sergi Arola, and you get a wonderful mix of luxury stay and high-end gastronomy where sharing (it’s tapas) is the core idea of the concept. W gets rid of hierarchies and titles – no “gouvernante generale” there, but a “room stylist” ; you can also ask everything to the Paris W Insider Cecile.

That’s W: Whatever, Whenever, Wherever. You’re in Paris though

OK, you got the W spirit. But how does it go on a more concrete basis? We’re not the classical kind of hipsters you can expect, so we have put our best underwear in a purse, taken the subway for three stations and checked in. Just to be sure. Hello, Paris, Hello, W. What’s your story?

W Opera Paris escaliers

One night at W Opera Paris, opening day.

How wonderful to experience a premiere, asthe new flagship among luxury and design hotels in Paris is located right in front of the Opera Garnier. Like a blessing, it opens its doors on the beginning of the Fashion Week. Now that’s a good extra day in February (29th)!

Check-in. With a touch of Wow and introducing: “the duster pencil”

Right on times, girls, we’re always early on our “dates” with hotels, with this special excitement you get at an opening.  Who’s late at a first date anyway?

W Opera Paris comptoir SPG

Three counters at the reception, including one decicated to SPG Members (Starwood Preferred Guests loyalty program). Passport, etc: time to explore the room. We are given the sesame: the key card to the room.

Are you saying that Opera Garnier is… in our room?

W Opera Paris chambre cosy vue ensemble

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull vue de la chambre

Because from the 221, that is exactly the feeling you get. The room is just amazing, with the Spark in the bathroom. W Opera Paris has several kinds of rooms and suites with a view on the Opera. You’re so close you can almost see what people are eating at the restaurant next door.(no noise included though, it’s so silent). Poor them, they don’t seem to know that a two-michelin star Chef cooks at W (Sergi Arola).

Black and white are key colors for the bathroom area. You have a Munchy Box (mini bar) featuring drinks, snacks and.. YesForLove products with a hangover kit! Bed is comfy (we(ll get back to that), and so are the chairs and the mini table where you’ll find something to create a cocktail.

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull minibar

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull detail minibar

Connectivity and much more

Connected W, to the outside world and its happenings through its dedicated website The Switch but also from within, with a complete kit to charge your devices, tablets and whatnot (if you want the “apple”, it is the store 10 meters from there).

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull dock cables

One thing though: you have to pay for WiFi, and it comes at a price.

Bliss products. Remember that name, that’s exactly what you get

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull produits sdb

Mark my words: design is king. Now who’s the queen?

Hopefully not those poodles in the main lounge by the bar area.

W Opera Paris detail barW Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull lustre

Spark me if you can: the W bar + one

W Opera Paris Insider detail salon bar

+ one tonight is + 350, with Grazia private party for the Fashion Week opening.

W Opera Paris Insider dj bar

W Opera Paris Insider bar  W Opera Paris Insider preparation cocktail

Pica Pica: who’s hungry?

Interactive kitchen is the key concept of Pica Pica, Sergi Arola acclamed Chef. Great food, but you’ll have to share by ordering different tapas.

W Opera Paris salle restaurant 3

W Opera Paris salle restaurant 1

One night in Paris (aka: what the official W Insider doesn’t need to know…)

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull vue opera nuit

Electricity in the air: do you really want to sleep?

W Opera Paris Insider chambre wonderfull soir

Alright, we did sleep (a little,  i mean). The bed is wonderful, so why not enjoy it?

…+ eggs = breakfast (pica?)

W Opera Paris table peit dejeuner

Mh, in the end we are not that much into the food, though the concept is interesting: the buffet comes to you, you don’t come to the buffet. But where’s the fresh bread?

W Opera Paris Insider breakfast oeufs brouilles

W Opera Paris Insider breakfast toasts  W Opera Paris Insider breakfast oeufs benedict

W Opera Paris Insider table breakfast

W Opera Paris Insider breakfast charcuterie poisson


Fantastic and passionnate, no mistake there.

Well-done, guys.

Verdict Sex & the City

Let’s meet again, in Bali soon, then Barcelona, London, NYC….


W Hotel Paris Opera

4 Rue Meyerbeer, 75009 Paris


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