Spleen and ideal: Bar le Baudelaire, Hotel Burgundy Paris


Here’s an hypothetical but common situation: you’ve been shopping for hours in the neighbourhood (Madeleine, Concorde); tired of Kenzo, Hediard and Fauchon, you need to rest in a quiet place and you’ve already been to Hotel de Crillon. Or maybe you’re just going out of a fascinating exhibition at the nearby Picanotheque – our guess would be Giacometti and the Etruscans?

Either ways, you’re knackered and thirsty.

Lucky you: a few meters from la Madeleine, le Bar Baudelaire (Hotel Burgundy) offers you a perfect place for a break. It’s a calm and soothing hotel bar, offering an all soft and round-shaped design, where you can feel the female spirit of the French writer Baudelaire’s famous poembook Les Fleurs du Mal. Upon your head, an impressive fresco (by Marco Del Re) illustrates the said work.


Baudelaire. No absinthe on the menu but a wide choice of cognacs (60 kinds). We opted for a nice glass of wine (8€) and a diet coke (also 8€, ouch, but the bottle was a Karl Lagerfeld collector, I guess that would make up for the price… in a way).

Muted colors, round and sieved lighting, and a  quiet and hidden patio, far away from Paris’ huzzle and buzzle.

What’s with all the darkness, you say?

Charles Baudelaire only took refuge in the darkness. He was not the only one: we just love this bar (and actually went there several times). Silent and peaceful, you’ll experience it too. Careful though, we’re not saying it’s a cave!  Just don’t expect a flashy and white type of lighting atmosphere (a la Murano).

Another option, if you don’t feel like having a drink in a quiet lounge atmosphere, is to move on to the canopy if the restaurant is not open at the same time.


Too dark? Get out, go to the winter garden and enjoy.

The desk was created by Veronique Charpy.

Star and stars: almost a milky way!

The Hotel Burgundy – as we know it today – is a brand new luxury hotel, since it opened its doors in July 2010 and went directly from 3 to 5 stars. Now that’s an accomplishment!

51 rooms, 8 suites, a spa and a Michelin star restaurant (in barely 6 months, another feat), le Baudelaire. That makes you want to go enjoy the cuisine of Pierre Daret (we’re currently under discussion with our beloved bankers).

The tasting menu costs 145 euros. Quality comes at a price, for sure, but you can enjoy a nice bottle of wine (Pauillac – Nathaniel de Rothschild) from 32 euros.

That caring staff of mine

It’s all in the title: as the staff is very caring and professionnal, it is really easy to just come and relax. Even with jeans and sneakers (been there, done that).

Did I mention the smiles?

Sometimes, the clincher is not what you expected

Let’s say that in top of all the assets we’ve just been writing about, le Bar Baudelaire has one final killer argument: its bathroom. One of the kind, and the kind that makes you want to move in.

Sex & The City Verdict

aka: knock-knock-time

Charles, are you there? Definitely yes.
What are you doing? I am relaxing peacefully in the very-heart of Paris
What are you listening to? A nice playlist.

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Practical information

Hôtel Le Burgundy, 6/8, rue Duphot
75001 Paris, France
Tel: (0033) (0)1 42 60 34 12
Website: www.leburgundy.fr 

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