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It does no harm just this time to move to the Republique area in Paris (75011). What we call “Haut Marais” is a trendy spot to shop (even on Sundays, especially on Sundays), to dig vintage clothes and cool, state-of-the-art design out, watch fashion shootings on the streets and enjoy an contemporary art galleries marathon.

That being said, even die-hard shoppers need to stop and have a drink every once in a while. Or to go partying at night without dashing over to overestimated night clubs across the city.

Stop looking around: Hotel Murano (+ bar and restaurant) is the right place for you.

 Excitement comes with a drink

(.. although so does a crave for a break)

Here’s the picture: you’re carrying out a whole bunch of shopping bags, you’re still amazed by what you’ve just seen in the neighbourhood, you want to experience trendy places in Paris and you’ve already been to Murano’s little brother Hotel Kube and its Ice Bar (Paris 18e).

In a few words: you’re in. (and in for something new)


Enter the hotel and immediatly immerge yourself in a luxury hotel. Several spaces: one (lounge)  bar, a bright and design restaurant with a poker table and mixing table, a huge Chesterfield couch and a Terrace (the Martini Terrace).

Pick your favorite spot.

Drink @ Murano’s often comes with an “s”

Meaning a wide choice of cocktails (Classic + Martini creations), wines and softs that are likely to make you try several of them (especially if you came to party)

As regards the following picture yes, it was 4 pm on an exhaustive afternoon. But don’t take small players for granted, wine-lover  is usually our middle name.

Even a simple cup of coffee has its very-own design.

Fashion Week seems to be an all-year-round motto in the neighbourhood

That might explain the sweetener. Love it!

and the branding, now that I think of it: the name Murano is printed on most items.

Martini Terrace

Staff and service

Prompt, efficient and nice. You don’t get that everywhere (especially when it comes to trendy places)


Hotel Murano also owns its restaurant (famous for its brunch), but we haven’t tried it yet.

The restaurant main room

.. and the bathroom!

The Evening Menu is available from 7 pm to midnight.


Whether you like to party in a trendy bar at night (DJ and so on), to brunch on sundays or simply enjoy a drink while shopping in the afternoon, Murano Urban Resort Paris is the right place for you.

Not our scene (clubbing is not a passion) , so no wedding proposal but definitely a crush on this place.

Wi-Fi available, one coke and a cup of coffee for 13,50€.

Practical information

Metro stations: Filles du Calvaire, Oberkampf.

Murano Urban Resort Paris  : website 

13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris – 01 42 71 20 00

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