Shangri-La Bar-  Still having mixed feelings about it

Alright, that might be a tough title. It’s just that among the new 2011 luxury hotels’ openings in Paris (Maison des Champs Elysees, Mandarin Oriental…), Shangri-La doesn’t stand out.




The brand new Shangri-La Hotel makes quite an impression, whether you like the splendor of  a palace or keep feeling a bit uncomfortable with a decoration playing with timeless and old-fashioned (though valuable) details. Asian vases, ancient furniture and a hint of colonial atmosphere: you might not like it (we don’t) but let’s recognize it’s way more accomplished than the Hotel Shangri-La Delhi, for example.

A British-toned bar with low armchairs and old-fashioned pieces of furniture. We like the balance between somber and sophisticated touches, even if the decor ranges from “class but obsolete” to “too old for you but that’s reassuring for sure”.

You may prefer having a drink in the adjacent salons. Same timeless charm, same outdated luxury. It’s not our scene for sure, but still a bubble when no crowd tumbles to besiege it.

Main advantage of the salons? A/C is often too strong in the Bar itself. Also, you get more room for yourself, as the salons don’t get as busy as the Bar if you show up around 6 pm.


Way too expensive, even for a high-end hotel bar in Paris.

Glasses of wine start at 13€ for a passable rose.

We’re not all  fired up, we fuel. Note the nuance.

Regarding Diet Coke, I’ll spare you the details of taste or grape variety, but it will cost you 8€ (average and fair price for this kind of place).

Amuse-bouche: nothing fancy, keep it classical


No comment. An overestimated 21€ for second-rate wine and a coke.
Attentive and efficient. We even laughed once. But we still remain mixed-up by the runoff of attention. Too much attention…


Businessmen, couples of a certain age (but not only), small groups of friends and families (one of the latest being particularly tasteless, “scented” and loud, but what can you do…)
Restaurant La Bauhinia

Sex and the city Verdict 

We’ll stick to Mandarin Oriental Bar 8, sorry guys…

Even if we like your fragrance and your after sale service!

Practical information

10 Avenue d’Iena, 75116 Paris

(+33) (0)1 53 67 19 98
Metro station: Iena (50 meters)

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