Hotel Sezz Paris, design & luxury hotel in Paris

With its 26 rooms and suites, this luxury hotel situated in the 16th arrondissement possesses all the hallmarks of an establishment of its kind: privacy, service, a sedate atmosphere and sophistication as opposed to flashiness.

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Champagne, style and alluring displays: Welcome to the Sezz Paris.

Stop for a moment and imagine:

A pleasant foyer furnished with a large red sofa surrounded by books on art and design, where you are warmly welcomed and get to enjoy a glass of champagne and browse through the spa chart while awaiting the keys or the access card to your junior suite. 

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-hall 01

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-sexy mini bar 02

In less time than it takes to write about it, you find yourself settled in 32 square metres dedicated to your comfort on the hotel’s fifth floor.

Thirty minutes later, you find yourself relaxing in a king sized bath tub, unexpectedly, your fingers slightly wrinkled and your toes poking out of the foam. The entire set-up reminds you of the spa products of the Italian brand Acqua di Parma, and you absently toy with the yellow duck which shares the bath tub with you. Innocently, of course, for more naughty toys can be found at the sexy mini bar.

A truly 100% stress free zone: Your iPhone can ring as much as it wants – you are not here for anyone else. Shall we go on?

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-salle de bains 01

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-chambre 04

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-sexy minibar 01

In the Junior Suite, a discreet drawer located beneath the bed reveals a number of conveniently placed naughty ‘games’ intended to delight lovers in search of a romantic getaway. Discrete, yes and elegant, all the same. Just like the extremely comfy room where you can also work at the desk placed in front of the television, make yourself a coffee from the Nespresso machine, wander out on to the little balcony which is a feature of several rooms and watch boats go by on the Seine (the largest suite has a view of the Eiffel tower, as a matter of fact) or don a dressing gown and slippers before paying a visit to the Spa (for the jacuzzi, hammam, or a massage booking, etc.)

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-chambre 01

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-chambre soir 01

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-chambre 02

Christophe Pillet achieved a design combining materials of high-quality with elegant lines and sombre colours accentuated by a red carpet in some rooms, and a green in others – it depends – complemented by lacquered black flooring. The lamps provide transparent suspensions or indirect lighting while the walls exude a rawness which paradoxically enhances the feeling of ‘cosiness’. The grey stone from Cascais can be found almost everywhere in the hotel with the exception of the Spa.

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-bar champagne

The Sezz: Much more than a luxury design hotel.

That’s the way it is: the hausmannian façade of the building located on the 16tharrondissement, parts to reveal an entirely different world within. There is the design of course – it owes its simple materials and exceptional furnishings to the architect, Christophe Pillet. There is also the more personal touch of Shahé Kalaidjian, the man who established the Sezz Paris and its sister establishment the Sezz Saint Tropez. His influence is discrete but nonetheless visible with examples including the polo equipment in the champagne bar (the Grande Dame), and the humus served at breakfast, as a nod to his Lebanese origins.

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-polo-shahe Kalaidjian

And yet it isn’t its harmonious rooms, its spa with a 24 hour availability, its free Wifi or selection of cocktails that provide the distinguishing feature of the Sezz but its service.

That’s its secret weapon.

Each room comes with a Personal Assistant – a caretaker who is completely at your service.

Spa by Payot, jacuzzi and hammam facilities available at basement level

A level completely dedicated to pleasure and wellbeing awaits you at the basement, the floor reserved for spa facilities at the Sezz Hotel.

From 8.00 to 21.00 hours, you can book treatments or a Payot styled massage (treatment range), whether you are a guest of the hotel or not. Jacuzzi and hammam facilities are available for guests on a 24 hour basis and should the mood take you, it is equally possible to book the spa for your private use for an hour or two.


(c) Hôtel Sezz Paris

The sumptuous breakfast Served at the Sezz until 11.00 o clock.

It was already good enough two years ago. Now, it is simply amazing. The continental breakfast can be ordered as room service or enjoyed buffet style at the hotel bar, under the glass roof or in one of the two alcoves available. Breads, pastries, fruit juice, salmon, ham, scrambled eggs, cheeses, excellent humus and oriental dishes, various grains, cereals, cold cuts, madeleines, Alain Milliat jams, compotes, fruit salads, yoghurts (including those of the Actimel brand) and of course an unlimited supply of hot beverages are served.

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-breakfast 01 Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-breakfast 03

It is the destination of choice for numerous discerning travellers visiting Paris. An overnight stay as a couple is highly recommended whether you live in Paris or not (And there is no need to leave your room either, that’s what room service is for!)

Where other hotels might cease to improve or even be maintained, leaning on past laurels the Sezz Hotel constantly seeks to improve its services as evidenced by its excellent breakfast which reflects its overall approach: enhanced levels of service, pleasure and wellbeing … in an establishment which appears to be immune from current issues, which is no easy task for a luxury hotel.


So say good bye with wide smile and add “Until next time”.

You’ll be back.

Hotel-sezz-Paris-Silencio-canard sezz

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6 Avenue Fremiet, 75016 Paris

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