The Devi Garh Udaipur, a pure gem in Rajahstan

Few palaces in the world can compete with the Devi Garh by Lebua in Udaipur.  

You may be jaded with the most luxury hotels in the world, but you won’t resist what this restored 18th century fort has to offer. Perched atop a hill a few kilometers away from Udaipur, it greets you with panoramic views you will never forget. Once a royal residence in the Delwara region, the Devi Garh by lebua is now a luxury hotel which immerses you in an amazing atmosphere where you luxury and contemporary design mix with a breathtaking historical architecture.

Enjoy getting lost in huge suites and an historical fort that will blow your mind

The Devi Garh can boast 39 suites divided into different categories (avoid booking a Garden suite though, you won’t get any view). Choose an Aravali suite: each one is unique and was created by an artist. During our stay, we enjoyed great views from both the bathroom, the living-room and the bed, with a blue gem theme we still crave about.

Free Wifi and a business center, a fully-loaded ipod with hundreds of playlist, amazing products, personalized premium service: please try to get out of your room (sorry, suite) to get lost in the fort. Picture a labyrinthine place where you’ll find old walls, a library, an hidden room to play pools, sumptuous furnitures and other great places to remember.

The Devi Garh by lebua also features a bar and a Restaurant (whose breakfast is fabulous)

What about a swimming pool and a L’Occitane Spa?

Yes, you read it well: you can enjoy morning yoga classes, a huge pool, a Spa L’Occitane (with a lot of treatments available) and other great activities.

Try not to enjoy this place… this hotel is a blessing for every luxury lover.

Plan to come with a driver: it’s 28 kilometers away from Udaipur (but really worth the drive)

Devi Garh by Lebua

From 150 euros

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Delwara Tehsil Nathdwara, District Rajsamand, Udaipur, India

(c) Lebua 

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