Phuket Weather Guide: When should you come to Phuket, Thailand?

Chances are you just googled “Phuket Weather” just to see if you got lucky when booking your plane ticket…here our extensive guide to Phuket weather ! 

Phuket current weather and forecast : 

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If only… we could pick and choose when to have our holidays, when to grab an extra day for a long weekend, when to say “enough is enough, time for a break” with no bossy boss dictating when he can do without your incredible input to the work place. If you are one of the bossy bosses, sometimes you don’t even get to pick and choose your time out periods, due to commitments. The world has become a hectic global workplace of international dealings 24/7 with relaxation time a scarce commodity, more precious than gold.

For many years I was an armchair traveler, gazing rapturously at a magazine or my computer, at a glossy high definition picture of some far off deserted beach with gentle waves rolling onto sun kissed sand. I would attempt to mentally transport myself into this dream vision of escape. If you can’t have the real thing, a teasing hint will satisfy a burnt out brain for a moment. We all have our dream destinations and mine have always been ocean inspired. Phuket at any time of the year is the answer to my lusting for sea, sand and sunsets. So grab whatever time you can and come to Phuket at any time of the year is my advice. Any time out should not depend on the weather, only on the size of your wallet as to what time of the year you are here.

High = expensive
Low = special rates on airfares & accommodation.

Along with the rest of the world, the seasons are changing, coming early or late, finishing early or late. The world’s weather has become increasingly hard to predict, so the only indicators are those of historical fact. Just believe me when I say “you don’t need to pack any winter woolies whatsoever”, given that Phuket’s climate is “tropical monsoonal”. This definition should give you an indication that it is an island with swaying palm trees, humidity, harsh sun, drenching downpours of rain and balmy nights of tropical sunsets.

When is the best time to go to Phuket ?

In a nutshell, April to May and September to October are by far the hottest months of the year with humidity that is guaranteed to frizz anyone’s hair. So if you don’t thrive on the heat, these are the months to discount. September is renowned for being the wettest month of the year as well. I actually love this time of the year as I do have curly hair and this is when the curls bounce, also the thunderstorms are a reminder of nature’s amazing force. Everything on the island is a brilliant green and although it can become oppressive, there is nothing better than swimming in the rain under a waterfall. This is also the time of the year when most of the drownings happen due to the strong under currents of the ocean.

With my tongue in my cheek, I could say our “winter” months, are those of December and January when it is absolutely perfect, with temperatures ranging from 23C to 31C and very little humidity. This is the coolest time of the year. No wonder it is also when the island is packed and it is called the “peak” season. The sea is calm, diving is in a dream underwater world of clear visibility, sleek luxury white boats lazily make their way around Phang Nga Bay and bronzed bodies of all nationalities including celebrities, descend onto Phuket’s golden shores.

The beginning of December is my favorite month of the year. The wet season is over, or if there is rain it is in short bursts and a welcome relief. It is before the deck chairs and the umbrellas dominate the sand, before the tourist invasion, and before the fireworks constantly boom and bloom over the beach areas to the point that you almost believe you are in a war zone.

The Weather in Phuket, month by month

[table class=”table_red”]

Month Season Temperature Humidity
January High / Calm water 23-31C 58-90%
February High / Calm water 23-32C 56-90%
March High / Calm water 24-33C 58-92%
April end of high diving, visibility decreases 25-33C 65-94%
May Low /rain increases 25-31C 73-93%
June low / thunderstorms start 26-31C 74-88%
July low / rain 25-31C 75-89%
August low / rain 26-30C 74-86%
September low hot/humid and wettest month 24-29C 78-91%
October low / rain most days 24-30C 76-94%
November start of high / some rain 24-30C 72-93%
December high / rain over – clear water 23-31C 63-89%


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